Ukraine does not have real competitors on the world market of sunflower oil

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The FINANCIAL — To date, Ukraine does not have real competitors on the world market segment of sunflower oil, declared the CEO at Allseeds Group, Viacheslav Petryshche on December 17.

According to him, Russia and Ukraine competed locally only, on the markets of Turkey and Egypt. And it is difficult to estimate how the situation will develop, in terms of Russian sanctions against Turkey. To date, Turkish companies started more actively contacting Ukrainian sunflower oil traders. In addition, after the entry into force of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, there are no import duties for Ukrainian sunflower oil from the part of EU, while the Russian oil has such customs duties. And of course, Russian sunflower oil can not compete with Ukraine on the markets of India and China.

According to V.Petryshche, if the Russian sanctions against Turkey enter into force, Ukraine will be able to take the share of Russian sunflower oil on the Turkish market.

Ukraine owns large-scale deep-sea ports, which generates another competitive advantage over the Russian vegetable oil. The Ukrainian ports can ship both large and small tanker, but the Russian ports – mainly small-craft vessels, said the Head of the company.


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