Ukraine: grain harvest to reach 60 mln tonnes

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The FINANCIAL — The grain harvest volumes in Ukraine will to reach 59.5-60 mln tonnes, forecasted Tatyana Adamenko, Head of Agrometeorology department of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, on June 26, according to APK Inform.

According to her, the production of winter wheat is expected to reach 24.5 mln tonnes, winter rye – 0.3 mln tonnes, winter barley – 3 mln tonnes, spring barley – 4.2 mln tonnes, spring wheat – 0.4 mln tonnes. Also, Ukraine will harvest 25.7-26 mln tonnes of corn, 0.5 mln tonnes of oats, 0.3 mln tonnes of peas, 0.2 mln tonnes of millet, and 0.1 mln tonnes of buckwheat.

The expert stressed that in the current season, there were not very favorable weather conditions for planting of spring barley, so the Hydrometeorological Center expects for some reduction of the grain yield to 2.6 t/ha in the current season, as opposed to 3 t/ha in 2014. Also, the average yield of winter wheat will decrease to 3.7 t/ha, against 4.2 t/ha, winter rye – 2.4 t/ha, against 2.6 t/ha, and winter barley – 2.8 t/ha, against 3.1 t/ha. Due to some delaying of the planting campaign, there is expected reduction of the average yield indices of peas, millet and buckwheat – down 0.2 t/ha compared with the previous year.

Also, T.Adamenko noted that corn yield is expected to reach the level of 2014 – 6 t/ha, and the highest results will be observed in western regions of Ukraine (Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Volyn, Lviv, Zhytomyr oblasts) and Chernihiv oblast – 7-7.5 t/ha.

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