Ukraine: in 2016, agricultural production is expected to stabilize

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The FINANCIAL — In 2016, in Ukraine the agricultural production indices are expected to completely stabilize after the last year fall, said the Director of the National Scientific Center “Institute of Agrarian Economics”, Yuri Lupenko on February 9.

According to the forecasts, in the current year production volumes of agricultural commodities will exceed the indices of 2015 by 0.5%, and total 240.8 bln UAH in the constant price terms of 2010.

Increasing of the production indices of plant growing commodities is expected to reach 0.7% compared with the previous year – to 170.5 bln UAH.

According to the medium case scenario, the production volumes of grains and pulses will reach 59.8 mln tonnes, against 59.96 mln tonnes in 2015, or down 0.3% compared with last year. Ukraine will increase the production of sugar beet, sunflower seed, rapeseed and soybeans.

The Institute forecasts decreasing of livestock commodities production by 0.1% compared with 2015 – to 70.3 bln UAH.

Despite the losses of territory in the country, and the military operations in eastern regions of Ukraine, in 2016 the country will face a slight growing of agriculture production rates, up 0.5%, summed Yu.Lupenko.


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