Ukraine: Prison reform in focus of joint EU-CoE project

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The FINANCIAL — A new framework for internal prison inspections was presented to senior officials of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine and the Heads and Deputies of pilot prisons in Kyiv, as part of a joint EU-Council of Europe prison reform project in Ukraine.

A feasible European model was proposed. Initial examples on inspection standards offered and their development tested in a group. The next steps were agreed, including the establishment of a Working Group on internal prison inspections and prisoners’ complainants involving the Heads of pilot prisons, senior managers on inspection issues and external partners.

The same project also recently held a workshop on general prison management issues and the importance of rehabilitative approach, aiming to emphasise the importance of prison leadership styles, managing transition and concepts of prison as a tool for rehabilitation, according to EU Neighbourhood Info.

These activities are undertaken in the framework of the joint EU-CoE project for “Further Support for Penitentiary Reform in Ukraine”.


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