Ukraine took up the quarter quotas for the supply of corn and poultry meat to the EU

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The FINANCIAL — As of February 8, Ukraine completely took up the quarter quotas for the supply of corn and chicken meat to the European Union, declared the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Oleksiy Pavlenko on February 22.

According to him, traders used the quotas for supplying of barley groats and flour by 51.5%; grains, cereals, processed in other way – 50%; oats – 44.8%; wheat – 42%.

Also, the Minister reminded that 10 Ukrainian dairy enterprises obtained permission to export their commodities to the EU. But the quotas are not used yet.

In accordance with the parameters of Annex 1A to the Agreement, in the future it is expected gradual expansion of the certain quotas. In particular, in the following five years the EU will gradually increase the Ukrainian quotas for lamb meat, dairy products, grains, corn and ethanol, added O.Pavlenko.

According to the Ministry, in 2015 Ukraine exported agricultural products to the EU at 4.2 bln USD, including cereals (1.6 bln USD), vegetable oils (675.6 mln USD), oilseeds (625.9 mln USD), food industry residues and wastes (491.3 mln USD), juices (96.2 mln USD), fruit, nuts and zest (87.7 mln USD).


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