Ukrainian grain market changed under the influence of the global trends

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The FINANCIAL — The Ukrainian grain market rather quickly responds to changes of the global trends in thу кузщке segment, declared the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Olena Kovalova during her report at “Grain Processors Forum – 2018” in Odessa.

According to her, the global population is getting richer, and wants to consume more quality, unique food products, as well as more animal products. Of course, the trend have its effect on the consumption of feed grains and the import structure. In addition, the structure of the global population continues transforming in terms of the urbanization processes. In particular, healthy foods are becoming even more popular, the global market continues increasing the interest in organic products, according to APKinform.

Also, the Deputy Minister explained that the climatic changes provided the major impact on the global grain market. So, by 2022 the drought season will appear more often in 10-15% compared with the current period. Therefore, it is necessary to review the production structure and technologies, and increase the use of irrigation systems.

To date, Ukraine, as the leading supplier of grain crops on the global market is alert to the reporting changes. As a result, O.Kovalova noted the tendency of a gradual shifting of the region of Ukrainian corn production from south oblasts to the north.

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