UniCredit Leasing funds 73 million Euros to Netinera Deutschland to purchase 11 new regional trains

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The FINANCIAL — The credit group is supporting the development of investments by the Italian Railways also in Germany, funding the purchase of eleven regional trains strengthening the fleet of the second largest private operator on the German market.


Netinera Deutschland purchases 11 new trains for local transport thanks to the partnership with UniCredit Leasing.


According to UniCredit, in recent weeks became effective the contract by which UniCredit funded the purchase, by Netinera Deutschland – a subsidiary company of the Italian State Railways – of the new trains, strengthening the fleet of the second largest private operator in local transport on the German market.

UniCredit Leasing was awarded the international tender called by Netinera Deutschland with the support of the Italian State Railways thanks to its consolidated experience in financing rolling stock, accumulated mainly in Germany, and to its recognised ability to perform complex international operations.

The operation, concluded between UniCredit Leasing GmbH and Netinera Deutschland GmbH, is split into two leasing contracts lasting 11 and 10 years respectively for three GWT trains and eight Double Deck, all produced by the Swiss company, Stadler.

The loan, in a total amount of 73.2 million Euros, covers the entire purchase cost for the eleven trains and has allowed Netinera Deutschland to already put the first three new trains into operation, to be used within the Berlin metropolitan area. The remaining eight will enter into service commencing from 2013 on regional routes that are pivotal to the German capital.

Purchased in December 2010 by the Italian State Railways as part of a wider plan to expand its activities internationally, Netinera Deutschland is significantly increasing its ability to provide passenger transportation in a region, such as Brandenburg, characterised by strong economic and social dynamism and, consequently, by a growing demand for urban mobility.

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The successful conclusion of the loan operation was made possible by collaboration between different companies of the UniCredit Group, in Italy and Germany.



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