UNStudio designs TBC forum, an innovative cultural hub in Tbilisi

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UNStudio’s design for the new TBC forum located in Tbilisi, Georgia, proposes a transition from the traditional closed and introverted working model previously favored in the banking industry, toward a flexible, open and responsive system. the project proposes a cultural hub that will act as a catalyst for the development of a new area of the city, promoting socio-economic development through the creation of a financial knowledge center and innovation platform. 

UNStudio designs TBC forum, an innovative cultural hub in Tbilisi designboom

the location of the new headquarters acts as a key driver for the design. within the natural setting of the Lisi lake resort, the TBC forum merges work, culture, and nature and becomes an integrated part of a green journey from the georgian capital through the local landscape and vineyards. strategically placed on the surrounding hills outside of the city center, the TBC forum creates a new destination similar to the historic highland village of Shatili. this stone and mortar village of clustered towers presents a captivating image of traditional georgian architecture, where the surrounding landscape is embraced by means of large balconies and terraces. the design for the forum draws inspiration from this local example in which the unification of nature and architecture plays a central role.

the esplanade forms the backbone of new TBC forum, connecting all programmes within one public realm. this realm consists of several flexible outdoor spaces for the hosting of social events and leisure activities, while simultaneously serving to connect the buildings with the surrounding landscape. the roofscapes, inspired by the caucasian natural landscapes at different altitudes, form the fifth facade of the building and provide a vertical cluster of landscapes which become part of the lisi green valley and the georgian panorama.

UNStudio designs TBC forum, an innovative cultural hub in Tbilisi designboom

the internal circulation of the TBC forum forms an integrated and continuous extension to the interactive and social public realm. using active design and social sustainability as a guiding principle, the bank is organized into departmental clusters which are connected by double and triple height social nodes that host communal programmes. these semi-public spaces create vertical sequences within the building for flexible and interactive socialization and connection. through the use of staircases and active circulation as an integral part of the work environment, the TBC forum creates a continuous three-dimensional workflow.
project info:

architects: UNStudio

team: ben van berkel with frans van vuure, roman kristesiashvili, alex kalachev, filippo lodi, melinda matuz, raul forsoni, pere maicas, franck fdida, michele de simone, caterina micucci , matthew harrison, assaf yizzak cooremans, nanang santoso, harlen miller, megan hurford, johanna mencia, fernando herrera, attilio ranieri, courtney jones, jae geun ahn, elizabeth white, ksymena borczynska, gys le roux, jung jae suh

AoR: artstudio
structural advisor: cubicon
mep advisor: ee-georgia
landscape designer: loos van vliet
lighting designer: lighting design collective
façade consultant: priedemann
road and circulation advisor: gzajvaredini XXI
visualizations: luxigon, aand3


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