URBAN GARDEN, Here It takes just a month to change yourself

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As the arrival of the hot summer days, developing an appealing figure has become a task on many checklists. URBAN GARDEN opened for two years, for now, has already been established as a hub for amateur and professional athletes. The FINANCIAL reached out to the training facility where in the barrage of questions Nika Khipashvili, the professional trainer at URBAN GARDEN covered many topics related to a healthy lifestyle.

 Q. How one achieves such a position where exercising becomes part of the daily routine?

A. Just one word – RESULTS! Often, it takes even the minuscule of success to push you towards the next level, where unparalleled adrenaline requires you to do more. It’s within the very first two weeks of training where the results could decide one’s motivation for the future physical development.
In addition, the correct methods of training and preferable supervision by a professional is the way to go! Often flawed exercising hinders the achievement of the desirable results, even in cases where the one spends a lot of effort. This often leads to demotivation and increases the probability of dropping workout routines all together.

Q. In what timeframe is it plausible for one to change an appearance?

A. There are two scenarios to consider. In case one desires to drop weight, this is relatively easy, no equipment required, a month and a half of intense cardio will definitely do the trick. However, the goals of gaining some muscle mass, require training equipment and 3-4 months of timeframe.

Q. What is the desirable diet for weight drop?

A. In order to drop weight, the day should start with carbs such as rice, buckwheat, oat, corn and potato, however, the last two should be consumed at low quantity as they contain high levels of cholesterol, continuing the lunch should involve high proteins, the third meal is preferred to be rich in vegetables and finally the day should end with 0% fat dairy products. In addition, for the enhanced results, it is much preferred to not have a mean after the workout. As it burns 30% more fat.

Q. What routine is preferred for the muscle mass gaining?
A. The mealtimes would be increased to six times daily. The weekly workout routines drop from 6 to 3 and the exercises are focused on stress levels. Sets decrease while the rest time between them increases. As an example, if weight drop exercise involves 20 reps and 5 sets, muscle mass gains have 8 reps 4 sets. It is also crucial to get proteins right after the workout.

Q. What are the best methods to get abs?
A. For such cases, high intense cardio exercises are the absolute best. Jogging and bicycle are some of the preferred exercises. The common mistake made by rookies is to jump onto the abs workout straightforward. The thing is in such cases the abdominal muscles below the fat layer are getting stronger and gain muscle mass, while the fat layer stays put, so the visually, people are left with just a bigger belly. It is crucial to get rid of the fat layer first and only then spend time for abdominal muscle development.

Q. Have you ever had cases in URBAN GARDER, where trainees have shown radically positive results?
Yes! And we have seen radical results in both weight dropping and strength and endurance. One trainee was unable to lift KG 20, after merely 4 months he was able to do sets with KG 90 with ease.

Q. Through the years we have seen various mindsets for training, which is superior, NO PAIN NO GAIN, or somewhat relaxed approach?
A. I believe that one should always reach their limits. Being unable, while forced to act is the exact moment, when one reaches the whole new boundaries. My own experience, being a rugby player has shown me that, so perhaps this is the reason why I expect the similar from my trainees.

Q. What are the exercises designed to drop weight, without gaining any muscle mass?
A. High intense exercises excluding the cardio shout do the job. It is highly recommended to stick to the diet.
I have seen many cases where people are finishing workouts and just right after, they start eating unhealthy products, thinking that they have balanced caloric inputs.
This is not how the human body works, such action will probably cause you to get out of shape even faster. In URBAN GARDEN we make sure that trainees are informed with such tips and much more.

Q. What should we keep in mind about caloric inputs?
Well, the tip is pretty simple. In case the goal is to gain weight caloric input should be higher than those burnt in a workout. In case of weight dropping – less, and for the figure maintenance – perfectly balanced.


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