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The FINANCIAL, leading business newspaper in Georgia is preparing its 11th annual edition of American business in Georgia to be issued on November, 2015.  Special edition highlights those companies that are affiliated with U.S. businesses or are looking for new partners and investors abroad.  This is the online and print forum with wide audience. US Business in Georgia will feature video interviews with key businessmen, chamber of commerce, investment agency. Participants will be invited to present their companies at US Business in Georgia forum to be held in Tbilisi, late November. Please click for official video promo featuring Mr. lady Asly, ICC Georgia President and Sarah Williamson, AmCham Georgia President. 



More about US Business in Georgia: 

Traditionally this project is supported by American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia and International Chamber of Commerce. 

Project goal 

The project aims at encouraging Georgian-American business relations, popularization of Georgia by putting forward the advantages of these relations;

Promotion of Georgian investment environment; 

Description of American companies and their businesses in Georgia;

Coverage of American State projects on business environment development;

Promotion of the companies that are directed on attracting American investments;

Lobbying American investments and providing unbiased information on the risks involved.  


Georgian Government and a private business sector are actively working on establishing a solid position on an international market. The major accent is made on the promotion of Georgian economic and business potential in the West.

The FINANCIAL special edition is focused on American companies, US business communities interested in Georgian market and global companies that have already found partners in Georgia. 

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Project initiators believe that American business community will express more interest if they are actively provided with the latest information. Expansion of American business in Georgia will also increase the reliability of the country, which will result in stimulating European investments in Georgia.  

Distribution: 4 000 copies

Special edition of The FINANCIAL will be distributed to 600 companies operating in Georgia. Large number of copies is delivered to the USA – American business and trade organizations, Embassies and leading companies. 

Organizations to be involved in the project: 

The America – Georgia Business Development Council

American Chamber of Commerce 

Georgian National Investment and Export Promotion Agency

United States Agency for International Development

Georgian Chamber of Commerce 

US Embassy in Georgia


Destination Georgia: Why Americans Should Go to Georgia?

Energy and Infrastructure Development: Georgia, Region, World

New Investment Opportunities in  Wine Industry/Agribusiness and hospitality

Tourism, Report by Tourism Department 

Finance, Reports by Leading Georgian Banks, Insurance companies.

Real Estate, Construction business, Developers and Brokers

IT Technology

Business Education, business schools 

Political and Economic Environment

International ratings

Private sector, cases: 

U.S. Brands and Georgian Partners

Interviews with the Global company leaders 

USAID projects’ contractors 

Companies investing in emerging market 

US companies investing in Georgia




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