Victoria Security Protecting Lives and Property of Customers in Georgia for 15 Years

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Victoria Security, one of the leading security companies in Georgia, is continuing to provide complete security services to industrial, commercial, non-profit, and professional organizations and agencies throughout the country.

Furthermore, in order to improve its service for customers, Victoria Security is working to create a service application and simplify its service payment system.

“Following the development of digital technology our company also strives to simplify its services and introduce novelties in this direction. With the purpose of satisfying customers’ requirements, technical services are being updated every day, technological innovations are constantly being adopted, and we are working on introducing these innovations into our reality. At present, the company cooperates with the leading countries to provide adequate security systems in Georgia. The systems offered by us are of the latest modifications and are distinguished by their high quality resistance,” said Giorgi Gugeshashvili, Director of Victoria Security.

Victoria Security has been protecting the lives and property of thousands of customers in Georgia for 15 years already. During this time Victoria Security has gained rich experience and established cooperation with leading Georgian companies and citizens.

Victoria Security is proud of its high-quality service, modern high-tech security systems, professional staff, and its modern management principles. Thanks to all of these advantages Victoria Security is not afraid of the growing competition, confident that it will keep its leading position in the capital Tbilisi as well as in the regions of Georgia.

The successful activities that were introduced by Victoria Security last year were crowned by receiving one of the most prestigious and influential business awards this year – Golden Brand. This is the first Golden Brand award for the company.

“Our company gained this prestigious recognition as a result of 24/7 hard work,” Gugeshashvili said.

Q. Victoria Security holds an ISO 9001:2015 certificate. How did the company manage to achieve this?

A. First of all, this was as a result of the coordinated work of our company’s leadership and employees.

Our company had developed at the appropriate level thus making it possible to satisfy the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. After this we underwent the relevant trainings and received the ISO standard certificate for the full security service after the commission’s examination.

To note, none of our competitors hold this certificate.

Q. Who are the main clients of Victoria Security? At what rate is the number of your clients growing every year, and what do they demand from your company?

A. The number of our clients exceeds over 1,000 companies, and we experienced an increase of 10-11 percent last year compared to 2017.

We cooperate with a number of state organizations and companies from the private sector. Among them are Coca-Cola; Carrefour; Biltmore hotel; Casino Jewel; Bank of Georgia; TBC Bank; Pasha Bank; Finca Bank Georgia; Halyk Bank Georgia; Cartu Bank; Silknet; Geocell; Beeline; Visa Service Centre of the UK; Shopping Centre Karvasla Management; Batumi Seaport; Zarapxana; Franco Fontana; supermarket chain of Magnet; Wendy’s; PSP, and other famous companies.

As for the demand, I would say that lately there has been increased demand for electric alarm and video surveillance systems and services. Demand for installation of fire extinguishing systems has also increased significantly.

Q. Victoria Security service is available in several towns of Georgia. Are you planning further regional expansion in the country?

A. From the very beginning we were focused on simultaneous development of our services in the capital city Tbilisi and in the regions as well, unlike other companies. We have regional representations in the form of operational services, but plan to open offices in these towns by 2020.

Q. In which of Georgia’s cities is there the highest demand for Victoria Security service?

A. The demand is highest in Tbilisi. Out of the regional cities demand is highest in Batumi, followed by Kutaisi, Ozurgeti, Telavi, and Bolnisi.

Q. Could you please tell us about the recently implemented projects of Victoria Security?

A. We gave an opportunity to a group of young people in the company to implement a video surveillance monitoring service project, which turned out to be a success. The project entailed 24/7 distant monitoring of video cameras installed on the objects of partner companies. At this stage several thousand video cameras are already on and we are continuing to expand our service.

We are also cooperating with our partner insurance companies to launch a joint project and offer our customers security service plus insurance service for a combined fee.

Q. What are the challenges that your company faces on the market?

A. The Georgian market is growing, and our business is always facing challenges. Today people are more concerned about juvenile crime and as a result we must all be more attentive to it, however I think this problem is a passing one.

The lack of healthy competition is also a problem in Georgia. There are some cases of our competitors behaving unscrupulously and offering lower prices to our clients. The good thing though is that despite these attempts, our clients trust our experience and the overall image of our company more.

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