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Villa Residence Attracted $200 Million Investment This Year For Georgia’s Urban Development

Ecology is a key factor for us, which is a priority at any stage of project development. Proximity to nature is vital for any person, both our physical and mental health. We want to create a resting, green zone for people and promote the cultivation of new, vibrant neighborhoods in the city.”

The company “Villa Residence” was established in 2010. The priorities were obvious – the highest ecological quality, landscape characteristics. The company is successfully operating in the construction market. Due to the demand for the project, the company Villa Residence” has made a multi-million investment and purchased 12 hectares of land. The company continues to implement an innovative project.

In an interview with The FINANCIAL Alexandre Namoradze, director of Villa Residence, talked about the Villa Residence’s role in urban development, its main achievements, interesting projects and future plans of the company. 


Q: Tell us about  Villa Residence, how many years has it been operating in the market?

A: Villa Residence has been operating in the construction and development market for 12 years. The company was founded in 2010 and has been engaged in development activities ever since. For now, we have completed the development of an area of ​​8 hectares. Villas, low-intensive residential complex, townhouses and hotel-type buildings are located in this area. 

From the day the company was established, our main goal was to create an ecologically clean district and a project that would meet all modern requirements and challenges. This is our main driving force. 

Q: What is the Villa Residence’s contribution to urban development as one of the most priority issues for the country?

A: The company has developed a general development plan, which we have been following successfully for years. We planned the project on an untapped area and started building villas for the first phase. In the process of creating our project, the idea was formed to create a living environment that other developers could not offer to customers. 

We set a goal to create the first resort-type settlement in an ecologically clean area, where residents in one space, in addition to the living environment, would enjoy a variety of infrastructure and sports activities. It is for this purpose that we have developed the concept of 70/30, which implies a 70% recreational area and a 30% low-intensive development.

Project, Krtsanisi Resort Residence is distributed to 800 inhabitants. The complex includes a school, a kindergarten, a shopping center and a commercial building. We are proud that over the years we have been able to turn an untapped area into a prestigious residential district. Our goal is to bring a number of innovations to the market, which means that we will take many more important steps for the urban development of the city.

Q: What activities can you name as an example of supporting urban development in Georgia?

A: According to our architectural plans, the project fits into the landscape and not the other way around. We provide the cultivation of recreational zones, as well as the preservation and maintenance of the existing forest. We focus on low-intensive development. Last year, the project Krtsanisi Resort Residence attracted an investment of $ 200 million, which is an important factor not only for the company, but also for the country’s economy. 

Every step we take is related to the creation of an infrastructure and microclimate that will give the residents a special coziness and harmony. Residents have the feeling of living outside the city, although the project is 5 minutes away from the city center. A microclimate is created in our area, which is provided by a unique variety of trees. Villa Residence creates a unique living environment, as evidenced by the existing infrastructure – swimming pools, gyms or playgrounds in various sports.

Q: How does Villa Residence measure customer or employee satisfaction?

A: We periodically conduct customer satisfaction surveys at the company and plan various types of marketing activities based on the results. Of course, we also take into account their wishes when developing payment terms. 

As for employees, we have the ambition to be the preferred employer in our sector and beyond.

We are constantly retraining and raising the qualifications of our employees . We also run a variety of activities for our employees to increase their motivation and build a better team.

Q: Which successfully implemented projects would you single out in 2020-2022, which contributed to the urban development of Tbilisi?

A: The company made large foreign investments in 2021. We started cooperating with up to 100 subcontracting companies and employed hundreds of citizens. Today we have the first resort-type settlement in the capital, where we are working on a number of innovations, including the construction of a natural sand swimming pool, which will also have an imitation of sea waves. Construction of the pool will be completed this summer and you will not find an analogue across the country.

Q: What is your opinion on foreign investments in urban development in Tbilisi?

A: Foreign investment is very important for the economic development of the country. It is necessary to create many such projects in the city that will be attractive and interesting for investors. In addition it will adapt to the infrastructure and appearance of the city. I think the priority for any developer company should be to contribute to the proper, urban development of the city, which makes Tbilisi an investment opportunity.

Q: What sets Villa Residence apart from other competitors?

A: In today’s market, the competition in the real estate sector is fierce. Our advantage does not lie only in the individual details. We create a combination of advantages in Krtsanisi Resort Residence, which makes the project especially attractive. The advantages include high quality building materials, modern construction technologies, infrastructure of the complex, which combines a 45-meter pool with sandy beach and sea waves, tennis, basketball, football, golf and sand volleyball courts, fitness center, horse stable and other sports facilities.

Coniferous and olive trees have already been planted on the territory of the complex, which cover an area of ​​more than 2 hectares. In addition to creating all of this, it is also important that we reserve common areas of management and take full responsibility for their maintenance.

Q: What are Villa Residence priority issues and future plans for Tbilisis urban development?

A: Our main plan for the future is to keep moving fast towards the goal. We want to create a resting, green zone for people and promote the cultivation of new, vibrant neighborhoods in the city. Ecology is a key factor for us, which is a priority at any stage of project development. Proximity to nature is vital for any person, both physical and mental health.

Future plans also derive from this concept. We work on a number of innovative, large-scale projects, entertainment and recreation areas, which will benefit not only residents but also our citizens.


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