Vocational Education Programs Will Be Introduced At Public Schools

The FINANCIAL — United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Kareli Municipality, “Agara Sugar Company Ltd” and Agara public school signed a memorandum which entails the implementation of the vocational education program at Agara public school, thus enhancing their cooperation with the private sector.

The above-mentioned memorandum was signed by Ms. Ketevan Natriashvili – First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Ms. Natia Natsvlishvili – The deputy head of the  United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Mr. Zaza Gugulishvili – Kareli district governor, Alkhan alizadam – the director of “Agara Sugar Company Ltd”, and Ms. Darejan Begiashvili –  Agara public school principal.

The vocational education programs at Agara public school will commence in September 2016. Additionally, there will be a training-retraining courses for electricians, welders and metal craftsman open to the students of 10-12 grade, as well as all the adults who wish to improve their professional skills or follow a new vocation. The premises are equipped with the latest appliances with the latest modules. All the necessary preparatory work will be carried out during the summer. It is important to note, that every workshop will be set up and properly equipped, while the teachers will undertake corresponding training courses, according to the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

Moreover, there will be 75 individuals who enrolled for the vocational education program. The graduates will have a wonderful opportunity to find a job in the local labor market. Current initiative at the Agara public school is a part of a larger scheme, which is carried out with the support of the European Union, aimed at giving the vocational education to the individuals in compliance with the growing requirements of the modern labor market, thus providing more opportunities for the adult population to get employed.

“The education system should provide with the opportunity with the personal and professional development at any stage of life. A cooperation between the public and the private sector is the best way to ensure that such education becomes an instrument towards the increasing rate of employment at the labor market.” – said Ms. Natia Natsvlishvili – deputy head of the United Nations Development Program in Georgia.

The experience gained at the Agara public school, will contribute towards the implementation of training and retraining courses for the adults, in conjunction with enhancing the public-private partnership development in other schools and vocational colleges across Georgia.


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