Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has delivered 323,400 vehicles to customers worldwide as of August

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The FINANCIAL — From January until the end of August, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 323,400 vehicles worldwide.

This represents an increase of 5.1 per cent compared with the same period last year. In Western Europe, deliveries increased by 3.4 per cent to 219,200 vehicles, and by 17% in Eastern Europe to 25,400 vehicles. 

In the home market of Germany, 81,900 vehicles were handed over to customers in the first eight months of the year (+1.0 per cent). The markets in Italy (+11.4 per cent to 7,700 vehicles), France (+10.4 per cent to 13,700 vehicles) and Spain (+9.6 per cent to 9,900 vehicles) recorded growth in vehicle deliveries as well. In Great Britain, the 28,700 units delivered mean that 3.3 per cent fewer vehicles were delivered year on year, according to Volkswagen.

Delivery numbers of the brand grew strongly in America and the Asia-Pacific region. Customer deliveries totalled 7,100 vehicles (+43.9 per cent) in North America (Mexico), 26,900 vehicles (+20.7 per cent) in South America, and 17,000 vehicles (+17.2 per cent) in Asia-Pacific. 

However, the markets in Africa (-12.8 per cent to 8,800 vehicles) and the Middle East (-14.5 per cent to 19,000 vehicles) recorded declines in vehicle deliveries.

Overview of worldwide deliveries by model range (January to August 2017 inclusive): 

• 135,700 vehicles from the T-model range (128,700; +5.5 per cent)

• 108,800 vehicles from the Caddy range (102,600; +6.1 per cent)

• 50,600 vehicles from the Amarok range (45,900; +10.4 per cent)

• 28,300 vehicles from the Crafter range (30,600; -7.4 per cent)  


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