Volkswagen Deliveries are Down in October

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The FINANCIAL — Deliveries in the regions and markets in October developed as follows:

122,000 vehicles were handed over to customers in Europe, 7.1 percent fewer than in October 2017. As announced, this was mainly due to the introduction of the new WLTP type approval procedure with effect from September 1. As many of the high-volume model variants have already been certified to WLTP, the effect on deliveries in October was significantly less pronounced than in September. In the year to date, the Volkswagen brand has achieved a rise of 4.7 percent compared with 2017 and handed over 1,475,200 vehicles to customers.

In Germany, 37,000 vehicles were delivered to customers. At 11.7 percent, the fall in deliveries compared with the prior-year month as a result of WLTP was also considerably less pronounced than in September. The e-Golf1 was very popular, recording the highest new registrations of all electric vehicles in Germany in October. Deliveries by the Volkswagen brand from January to October, at 456,300 vehicles, were 3.3 percent above the prior-year figure.

In Central and Eastern Europe, 23,000 vehicles were delivered to customers, a rise of 3.7 percent compared with the previous year. Positive impetus came especially from Russia, where 9,900 vehicles were handed over to customers. This is a significant increase of 23.9 percent compared with October 2017. The SUV Tiguan and the notchback version of the Polo were especially popular with customers.

At 49,400 vehicles, deliveries In North America were at the prior-year level (+0.3 percent). In the USA, 29,000 vehicles were handed over to customers, 4.6 percent more than in the previous year. The successful SUVs Tiguan und Atlas recorded considerable growth, reaching a share of 43 percent in total deliveries. In Mexico, the general economic situation remained challenging. Here, Volkswagen delivered 13,300 vehicles, 10.3 percent below the figure for October 2017.

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South America once again provided impetus for the growth of the Volkswagen brand. In this region, a total of 44,800 vehicles were handed over to customers, corresponding to a rise of 24.7 percent over the prior-year month. This was mainly due to positive developments in Brazil, the largest market in the region. Here, a significant rise of 61.8 percent to 35,600 vehicles was recorded. The new Polo and the Virtus were particularly successful. As a result of difficult conditions in the overall market, deliveries in Argentina fell by 46.6 percent compared with the previous year, to 5,800 vehicles.

In the Asia-Pacific region, the Volkswagen brand delivered 288,300 vehicles, some 9.1 percent fewer than in October 2017. This was mainly due to uncertainty on the part of customers in China as a result of the continuing trade dispute with the USA. The overall market is characterized by a strong reluctance to purchase. In its most important sales market, the Volkswagen brand handed over 274,100 vehicles to customers, a fall of 9.8 percent compared with the previous year. Over the year to date, Volkswagen has delivered 2,550,400 vehicles to customers – a slight rise of 0.4 percent compared with the previous year.


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