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Wellex payment – fraudsters or a recommendable company?

Payments on the Internet are often associated with the fraud. Today we are going to review the Wellex payment (Wellcoinpay). We were approached by one of the users of the website who was eager to use their services. But bumped into a few reviews. Here is his request to our site: 

«Good time of the day! Tell me are you familiar with Wellcoinpay and can we trust it? I ask this question as far as when I searched for reviews and read them, I saw that on the link of their company a negative review about them disappeared. How does it work?» 

First of all, let’s figure out who is actually Wellex payment LTD


According to the information on their website, we understand that this is a payment aggregator, so it’s not a direct provider of payment acceptance services, but a website that integrates several payment systems. Such sites are unlikely to work without security standards, otherwise, payment systems and banks will not cooperate with them. In order to understand how everything works and get a complete picture, we immediately turned to the source for comments and wrote a letter to their team asking them to tell how their system works and if they have a license, here is the answer we received. 

“Hello! Thank you for your question and we appreciate that you are taking steps to make the Internet clean from scammers. First of all, we use licensed software that works according to PCI DSS standards. Only with this solution can the payment aggregator work. For the user, all types of connections and payment gateways will be concentrated on our website, and settlements with banks or payment systems occur directly between the owner of the merchant account and the bank’s acquirer. Therefore, reviews like «Wellcoinpay does not withdraw money» are unacceptable. If we really were holders of funds, we must have a license without fail. But we are a link working according to safety standards and since we do not have access to working capital and just are a project transferring data we do not need a license to work. We work on the principle of Cashier Software as well as Praxiscashier and Naspay. If people on the Internet do not understand the essence of the service for no reason call these resources scammers, then, in fact, all the supporting tools for marketing, the whole Internet are a sham, do you think this approach is logical? 

Question: So you have no bad reviews (negative feedback) on the Internet? 

When we receive testimonials on sites like “Wellex payment – scammers”, we immediately realize that this is either an attempt by competitors to denigrate our name or those customers who have been denied to use our service because their site will not explicitly receive permission to accept payments. Perhaps there are customers who may be dissatisfied with the services of the acquirer banks, but we, as partners, will always help our client defend his rights and receive payment or better conditions than he could receive himself. “

I would also like to note that in addition to providing a large selection of payment systems (today there are 53 of them), our services include optimizing the site and its legal information under the standards of the ITS. By the way, on this page you can check the conformity of your site and apply for verification: Often our customers do not know what the site should be and how to negotiate. We help with the onboarding procedure and conduct a joint lead by the hand of our clients – the client has no reason not to like us and write bad things about us on the Internet, we are in the same boat. 

Question: Why can’t a client find a bank or service provider on his own and do you charge? 

Logically, no one will spend time for free and check documents with a lawyer for free. Yes, we have pricing policy and we help our merchants both on a paid and free basis, it all depends on the complexity of the case we received. The client himself can go to banks, but banks prefer to work with agents and partners like us since we unload their work according to the site verification procedure and help weed out real work projects. You can’t imagine how many applications come to us every day to connect questionable projects and storefront sites. If the business owner does not write the letter correctly and cannot provide the necessary documents, they will simply stop responding. We have our managers in payment systems and bank employees who know that we checked the site for compliance and in case of problems with the merchant we will be a company that will help resolve disputed issues if they arise. There is a market need for our work, we not just appeared on the payment services market, we make it better. 

Question: Then what about this comment about you – 

1) Regarding the beneficiary of the company. We specifically chose open jurisdiction and did not pay funds for concealing directors and beneficiaries and all this information is publicly available – yes, the beneficiary can be the director of several companies. To study the topic, take a deeper look at what the Internet says about the nominee service – here I prefer not to even respond to the commentator’s illiteracy. 

2) What is more, unfortunately, this review was not left by Mark. At least it’s strange that the comment was left in English but from Russian mail bivioli*** and Russian IP from the city of Krasnodar. After checking the connection requests, we saw that the IP Address is and the mail matches the contact with our company earlier in March. The person (we do not disclose the real name of the clients) contacted the support service and provided his website for connection, but he was denied this service. After that, the same review began to appear on different sites. Perhaps I will help the haters now and give a hint that they can make these reviews more believable. But we are not really afraid of such reviews, since our company at the stage of obtaining a trademark and after receiving it, all sites that are carriers of false information about us will receive a lawsuit. The only and independent source that verifies that the review was left by a real client and not a fictional character is located at:  

If a real client who cooperate or cooperated with us leaves his review, we will, of course, work to improve the service. But so far, out of all the bad reviews left on the Internet, and there were 4 of them at the beginning of 2020, all were not written by our customers. People also leave good reviews about us but as rarely as bad ones. Encouraging a client to leave a comment on work is not so simple. We understand that creating a positive reputation on the network is therefore very important and we created a page on the Trustpilot website and we are ready to respond to every review and if it is not honest, we are obliged to warn our customers about it. The biggest problem is that sites like reviews, scamscanner write reviews themselves or copy them from other sites without understanding (to fill them with content) and then extort money for deleting their own fictitious comments. Since we are familiar with the market situation, our security department identifies such ill-wishers and works with them within the framework of the law. Thank you for writing to us. We hope we could answer all your questions.” 

Wellcoinpay allowed the publication of this material, including correspondence with them by mail. We are grateful for the patience and help in understanding the issue. We hope that the sites and amount of people who extort money from others in such a low way will reduce after this article.


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