What are the Best Resources to Practice for Walmart Test

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After you apply for a job at Walmart, the next thing to expect is the Walmart test. The purpose of the assessment test is to screen you and confirm if you are fit to work in an hourly position at the chain hyper-market. Candidates who take the test are those who apply for positions such as personal shoppers, cashiers, order fillers, and front end.

If you apply for higher positions such as managers or team leaders, you take an MEA test or TEA test, respectively. In most cases, you will be given the test immediately but you mustn’t take it fast until you have practiced and are ready. 

Understand the basics of the Walmart Assessment test

If you applied for an hourly position at Walmart, the standard screening test for you would be the Walmart Assessment Test. It is mandatory that you take the test and taking the Walmart Practice test will help you get prepared. Walmart wants to test if you will be a reliable and consistent worker and you must display this virtue in every question. 

There will be four sections in the test that will test your personality, good judgment abilities, and math. You will be required to respond to a scenario that might happen during work and your ability to handle customers like giving correct change fast. Other questions will be your approach to situations and you will be asked several questions that test your background information. 

Understand the components of the Walmart test

Walmart will be testing you for various capabilities and all these are captured well in the four sections contained in the test. It’s very structured so you need to tread carefully in your preparation routine. 

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Test on your relationship with customers and workmates

In this section, you are tested if you can relate well with Walmart shoppers and your workmates and managers. In a hypermarket like Walmart, there will be good and bad times depending on work pressure. Sometimes clients will complain to you and your managers will sometimes put pressure on you to deliver better services. Your reaction to these situations will determine if you will break and affect the business negatively.  

The questions will present you with different situations at the workplace and then ask you how you would handle such a situation. Some of the questions would be a situation where a customer complains, a situation where you are serving a customer and another one on the phone wants to be served by you specifically, and so on. You must choose the choice that will best help solve the situation in the best way possible. 

Test about your preferred work style

People are different in terms of personality and how they handle a situation. Some workers are slow and take longer to respond to a situation, while others are fast and respond to situations fast. Even though Walmart will be testing your work style, do not concentrate so much on your personality but look at the larger picture, which is Walmart’s work style towards its employees and its customers. 

Understand their work and customer service policies and these two should guide you when answering the questions in this section. You will be answering questions about your level of agreement with certain things about you. 

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Test about your background 

Walmart wants to know what experience you will bring to the business and they might also be interested to know if you have any negative baggage that might affect your productivity. They will screen your background and investigate your experience. 

Before you attempt the test, get ready with your detailed bio-data but more importantly, their interest is not on issues like place of birth, race, and so on, but education and where you have worked, if any. As much as the questions might appear generic, take them seriously because they will add significantly to your chances of being hired. 

Test about your approach on transactions

Walmart is keen on your speed and accuracy when handling transactions. You will be presented with a few transactions that you must handle effectively. Walmart will check the time you took and your accuracy. You might want to practice algebra and quick mental sums.  

Prepare by reading and practice

You will be awarded scores for each section in terms of excellent, competitive, good, and poor. To help you perform well, there are ready online resources like videos on the Walmart test. There are other sources on preparation for Walmart assessment test, TEA test for team leaders, Manager test, supervisor test, chain supply test, and so on. The premium course material offers better details on getting ready for the tests. 




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