What Matters More-The Quality or the Quantity of Your Trades?

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Many traders just want to invest in trading without realizing the market trends can take unpredictable turns. The fear of missing out on the big move often makes them forget that the stock market will remain there tomorrow and in the coming years. Plus, they don’t understand everything in the Forex trading market repeats itself despite its unpredictability. That means there are tons of opportunities waiting around the corner to secure profits.

Since people worry a lot about investing in the forex, over-trading has become one of the top reasons many traders fail to succeed. Over-trading is like a disorder that can eat into trading accounts and destroy it over time. This is when the role of the quality of trades comes into play. Traders need to understand that considering the quality of trades is crucial to operating in the financial market. 

If you are planning to enter Forex trading, understanding why quality matters more is essential. Let’s delve into the discussion to find out how overtrading can ruin your trades. When trading via a forex broker, pay close attention to the brokers that are active in your markets and make the choice wisely who you share your trading with.

Know When You are Overtrading

When you try to enter new forex, stock trades, etc., constantly obsessing about your trading decisions and preoccupied in assessing the markets, you might be overtrading or about to start it. Although there are several aspects of overtrading, the fundamental part is you will lose both money and sleep.

Take a look at the effects overtrading can have on your trading account.

  • Water Down Trading Edge

There are a limited number of forex trades that can fit into a predetermined trading strategy. When a trader keeps breaking his own rules and invests in anything that comes his way, it merely dilutes the trading edge. Keep in mind that a trading edge can increase the chances of making successful trading decisions. When you take low-quality trades, it reduces trading edge and makes them random. In short, they lose their exclusivity. 

  • Quality Trades Vs. Market Noise

Market noise refers to the distractions in the financial market. Plus, there are things like high reward, low risk, and high-probability setups. Knowing the difference between these market terms is important to do Forex trading. 

If you don’t know how to distinguish real setup from distractions like market noise, you may end up making trades that are useless and not worth your money. In fact, they may water down the trading edge.

That is why you must know all your steps before risking money in the stock and forex market. Plus, you need to equip yourself to avoid overtrading. 

Overtrading Won’t Help You Reach your Goals

For many people, trading is like gambling that needs tricks and techniques to make profits. The more you play, the more you earn in gambling. However, Forex trading doesn’t work this way. In fact, it is the opposite when you are trading in the market. 

The less you trade, the more profit you will make. That is why everything in Forex trading denotes the quality over quantity. So even if you feel tempted to invest in more trades, be cautious. You must match your criteria to accomplish your goals. 

How to Avoid Overtrading 

By learning a few tips, you cannot only avoid overtrading but also generate a steady stream of income through Forex trading. 

  • Limit Your Monthly Forex

This is an important remedy you can follow to avoid overtrading. You need to be a bit flexible when entering a trade, risking money per trade, and placing a stop. Keep in mind that you should not enter a trade more than 1 to 10 times a month. Anything more than that signifies or indicates that you might be going over the board. 

  • Wait for a Setup that Matches Your Trading Strategy

When making trades, you need to apply mandatory filters only. It helps you determine if stock or forex trade is worth taking a risk or not. You should keep your focus on high rewards, low risks, and high probability forex. 

  • Make Unidirectional Market Moves

Many forex investors and traders try to enter trades on an unstable market, and when it starts declining, they move to another trade. The horrible feelings associated with losses often lead you to bad trades or making wrong decisions. Put simply, if you invest in the market moves in one direction, you will not overtrade. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, you have to accept that there are not enough high-rewards, low risk, and high-probability trades in the forex market. That is why it is better not to trade frequently. It may decrease your trading edge. With overtrading, you might end up losing a lot of money. Thus, you must prefer quality over quantity when trading in the forex market. 

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