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What The COVID-19 Pandemic Taught Us About Software Solutions

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The COVID-19 pandemic completely transformed the landscape of global business over the last number of months. Many businesses had to completely rethink how they operate and put new systems in place to facilitate the remodeling of their day-to-day operations. Remote working became a necessity, and so a lot of businesses began to move some of their processes online, and make moves into the realm of eCommerce.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge challenge for businesses, many have come through the crisis relatively unscathed, and some have actually grown and evolved. This is largely due to the range of powerful business software solutions available to business owners nowadays. 

If you’re a business owner who has toyed with the idea of introducing systems to manage your finances, pay your staff, manage inventory, assist with the management of projects, supply chain, staff rotas and so much more, then chances are COVID has also played a role in you deciding it was high time to digitise all of these processes.

COVID accelerated the uptake in business software solutions, enabling many business owners to finally see the benefits that these powerful software packages can offer. 

Let’s take a look at some of the things that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us about business software solutions. 

Convenience And Accessibility

Many business software solutions are cloud-based, meaning that any employee with access to the system can login from anywhere in the world at any time, twenty-four-seven, three hundred and sixty five days a year. Being able to access accurate, up-to-date business data is essential in allowing business owners and employees to make important decisions in and around their work day.

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Instead of having to wait for your accountant to create reports for you and send them over, for example, this data can be processed and accessed in just a few clicks with your selected accounting software. This immediacy of information is naturally much more convenient and efficient for businesses across the globe, and frees up a lot of time that can be spent focusing on potential growth opportunities instead.

Importance Of Communication

With more teams working remotely than ever before during the height of the pandemic, and many still to this day, the importance of reliable internal communications has become increasingly apparent. A growing majority of reputable business software solutions have built-in messaging, feedback or communication functionality, allowing team members to communicate about different issues with ease. 

The uptake in platforms like Zoom and Slack also highlighted the importance of effective communications in the post-COVID business landscape. 

How To Save Time And Money

One of the most important things that business software solutions have taught us is how to save time and money. As more businesses turned to software solutions to cut back on their overheads and third-party service costs, many business owners didn’t know what to expect. 

As many established entrepreneurs and managers have grown accustomed to doing business the same way for years, many had been hesitant to break the status quo and implement new technology. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, forced many business owners to implement these software solutions to help with a range of both specialist and day-to-day business tasks. 

The feedback from business owners has been overwhelmingly positive, with companies recording that they’ve saved both time and money as a result of these developments. What’s more, many business owners have also reported an increase in productivity, and maintain that their business operates more efficiently as a result of business software being installed. 

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Business Software Solutions Will Continue To Play An Important Role Post-COVID

When the world returns to normal, or a “new normal” at least, we can expect business software to continue to play a pivotal role in all avenues of business and industry. With the ability to save business owners time and money, allow them instant access to reliable data and increase productivity and efficiency in the process, we can expect business software solutions to be a part of the business landscape for many years to come.


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