What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Powerlines

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Trees are undoubtedly important in the ecosystem due to the many benefits, such as air purification. However, there are places where their presence is dangerous-near the powerlines. This is because they or their branches can fall on the electricity cables and cause damage.

There are unfortunate incidents when a tree may fall on your powerlines and keep you wondering what’s next. The right thing to do is calm down and look for the proper assistance from the authorities. Time is crucial during such times as it may prevent further damages from the tree fall. Which are the proper steps to follow?

Report to the Police

Calling the police should be the first thing to consider when an emergency issue arises. This should be the case here. With the police, you will get an immediate response which may be life-saving. With their high training, they offer guidance on whether it is safe to vacate the house temporarily. It also gives you some sense of security that everything is in control.

The emergency response teams, including the police, will always be ready to be at your place after a report. The other benefit of the officers is that they take evidence from the scene and a statement from the nearby households. Such police reports are crucial in case of any upcoming legal process with the electricity company.

Contact the Electricity Service Provider

Engaging the electricity provider allows you to clarify many things. For instance, you get to know their plans whenever such an accident happens. The company’s representatives will be willing to give a rough estimate on the time the whole restoration work will take.

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Things have improved these days with technology as you can make such inquiries online. Also, if you want to understand the different electricity prices, some platforms will sort you out fast. For example, if you happen to be in Australia, it is possible to evaluate rates for electricity in Melbourne across a number of providers simultaneously. This is because you live in a city whose prices are not under the regulation of the state. It helps you in finding the plans which are friendliest to you.

Prevent Further Damages

When the tree falls, especially near a house, it may bring down essential structures such as fences, outdoor furniture, and the like. You can hardly do anything about it, and no one can blame you. On the other hand, there are efforts you may make and make your residence more secure. For instance, you may go to the house and switch off the main gas line and power box.

Again, remember the water lines and, if possible, turn off the main valves. Such efforts at times reduce the likelihood of secondary accidents when the tree finally falls on the house if it is loosely hanging. If there are broken glasses around, find a way to clear them immediately. Finding professional cleaning and home improvement professionals may be beneficial.

Approach the Home Insurance Company

As a homeowner with an insurance cover for the property, this is a high time to file for compensation. You may consider doing this alone or calling a lawyer while filing for a claim. Ordinarily, the process may need you to provide enough evidence of the accident. Include every damage you incur in your claim process.

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It makes you sure of getting maximum compensation. At times, the process will follow a particular path, but you will get the money in the end. This will help you in catering for the home renovations. It, therefore, means no risks of lowering your financial stability after such an accident.

After a tree falls on the powerlines, it calls for one to follow the correct procedure in making sure everything returns to normal. The first thing is always to call the police before engaging the electricity service provider. Nowadays, reaching out to these teams is fast as there are online platforms. Through them, you can quickly know other aspects such as electricity price comparisons. Also, you may know how long the restoration process will take.


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