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The University of Georgia is distinguished by the disciplined educational process and modern infrastructure, enabling its students to acquire quality education and practical skills.  For this reason the University is in leading ranks of regional educational institutions and is well-known to be dedicated to professional and personal growth of every student. Thus the graduates of the University of Georgia always benefit from superior employment prospects.

Offering thought provoking and diverse set of disciplines, UG is the place where knowledge is created and acquired. The academic personnel of the University is staffed with highly qualified, well-experienced and creative professionals dedicated to teaching creatively and with enthusiasm, helping raise young professionals with demonstrated commitment to the public.

UG is proud of its diverse community with cross cultural awareness.  Its multicultural environment shapes intelligent, educated individuals with human values capable to meet modern challenges.  The objective of the University of Georgia, being one of the leading universities, is to encourage the personal development of each student and mold her/him as a highly qualifies professional.  UG is always the right choice for those that seek to achieve great success in life.


Architecture and Design
Architecture and Design
Oriental Studies 
Business Administration 
English Program of Business Administration
Electrical and Computer Engineering 
English Philology 
English Bachelor Program of Engineering 
History (Georgian, World) 
Teacher Training Program (Integrated)
Political Sciences 
International Relations 
Nursing for International Students 
Public Relations 
Public Administration 
Pharmacy English Bachelor Program
English Philology 
Georgian Phylology 
Health Care Administration 


Business Administration
English Master’s Program in Business Administration
Education Administration
English Philology
Cultural and Social Anthropology
Public Relations and Advertising
International Business Law Program
International Relations
Public Health and Health Care Policy
History of Georgia
Public Administration
Pharmacy Management Program
Pharmacy Program
Health Care Administration


Buisness Administration
Computer Technologies
Cultural and Social Antropology
Political Sciences
Public Health
Law studies
English Philology

Single-Cycle Degree Program 

English Program of Medical Education 
Dental program in English 


Teacher Training Program (Independent)

Mission, vision

The mission of the university is to expand boundaries and educate a person, which will support the development of a healthy, human and democratic society through professional activities or scientific achievements based on the hard work and honesty, for the goodwill of the government and humankind in general.


– Become and maintain the status of the biggest and most demanded private university in the region.
– Become the most innovative university: a university, a research institution and a business organization.
– Make a significant contribution to the Caucasus region and beyond its borders to socio-economic development.  

Strategic long-term vision:

The strategic long-term goal of the University of Georgia is to become the largest and strongest university in the region, as well as to have academic, professional and certificate programs that enable any student to study, regardless to his age, become an expert in the specific field, solve problems and use opportunities. The university also aims to create such environment that will give student a chance for self-realization, develop his civil thinking and bring up such professionals, who will use the professional or scientific knowledge and skills to the benefit of the humankind. 

The hidden meaning of the name of the University of Georgia is “The major university of Georgia” and its strategic slogan is “Study for the future”.



Respect for individuals;

Cooperation and solidarity;

Striving for the development;

High sense of responsibility.

Internationalization Strategy

UG develops, maintains and strengthens key international relationships that will enhance and enable its ability to perform as a globally competitive University.

The main goal of the Office of International Students and International Relations at the University of Georgia is to support the internalization of the University. For achieving the goal, office implements the following activities:

Establishment and development the collaborative links with the foreign educational institutions and various scientific-cultural institutions;  https://www.ug.edu.ge/page/full/57

Implementation of various international exchange programs for students and academic and administrative staff; https://www.ug.edu.ge/page/full/56

Implementation of International Projects; https://www.ug.edu.ge/page/full/311

Admission of International Students; https://www.ug.edu.ge/page/full/12

Summer Courses


Summer Certificate Courses offered at the University in Georgia are special because of the following reasons:

Because of their intensity and modern approaches incorporated in teaching methods, the courses offer students comprehensive knowledge in a short period of time. Hence, a certificate of completion is a solid proof of quality of knowledge received.

Courses are taught by well-known experts in the field, including those specially invited from the US and Europe.

Summer Certificate Courses at the University of Georgia are exceptional in that tuition fees include:

a weekend of tourist activities of choice, which can be quite diverse and exciting, considering the variety of tourist attractions in Georgia (please visit our link: Discover Georgia);

Cost of shared accommodation offered by the University;

Health insurance for the duration of the summer courses.




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