Why Proof of Delivery (POD) Matters for Your Business

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Delivery is arguably the most crucial part of a goods shipment business. However, having lots of items to deliver in a day often increases the chances of a mix-up and consequently missed orders. 

For that reason, every delivery and logistics company must invest in reliable proof of the delivery (POD) software. As the name suggests, this solution helps you generate a written customer acknowledgment showing that they have received their order. A POD usually contains information such as date, time, money paid, and the recipient’s name. 

Here are reasons why POD is important for your business.

  1. Improves On Accuracy and Saves Money

Keeping up with growing orders can be a challenge. Luckily, having a working POD solution in place ensures that every shipment is accounted for and properly signed. This serves as proof that every order was delivered to the correct address and that the customer was satisfied.

Additionally, a reliable delivery system minimizes delivery disputes that can have serious financial ramifications in case of unnecessary refunds and order replacements. If you are on the market for a POD solution for your delivery business, any of these Routific alternatives might be a good fit for you. 

  1. POD Provides a Better Customer Experience

In today’s world, where the customer is spoilt for choice, ensuring the best experiences for your customer must be a priority. That may not be an easy feat without a delivery system in place. Drivers could mark packages as delivered before they are, resulting in disputes, which can adversely hurt your business. Dishonest customers may also claim shipments were not made even when they actually received their items.

With a reliable POD solution, however, you don’t have to worry about any of these. You will have better customer order visibility, ensuring that all your customers’ needs are met. Additionally, you will have control of the entire delivery process, from the moment an order is placed up until its final delivery. That, in turn, allows you to take control of your business operations and ensure customer satisfaction at every point. 

  1. Minimizes The Chances of Stolen Goods

With petty crimes being rampant in some neighborhoods, leaving deliveries at the front door increases the chances of the shipment getting stolen. POD confirms that an actual person was present to receive the order upon delivery, thus eliminating the possibility of the shipment being stolen.

  1. It Marks the End of the Delivery Process.

Making a delivery marks the end of the transaction. By signing the POD, the customer confirms the end of the transaction and that they were satisfied. On the other end, the seller can mark their obligation to the customer as having been met.

In today’s digital world, an electronic POD is the best way to confirm the service’s status to the customer. That’s why every delivery business must adopt this new business trend to keep up with customer demands and stay ahead of the competition.

  1. It Accelerates Back-Office Operations.

Accelerating back-office paperwork is only true for digitized POD. Manual POD involves a lot of paperwork that makes back-office operations time and labor-intensive, translating into higher operations costs. 

However, with digitized POD, entries are automated to reflect in the system in real-time, cutting on the paperwork’s time. This means a lower cost of operations, translating into better returns.


Hard copy POD has been the most common type of POD over the years, but times are changing, and electronic POD is taking over. The most significant advantage of the electronic POD is that it can update in real-time and allows the consumer and the supplier to enjoy the convenience of technology. For your delivery business to grow in today’s competitive world, having an efficient last-mile delivery solution is critical.

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