Why You Should Not Ignore a Call From Zwicker and Associates

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Getting a call from a debt collector can be overwhelming and intimidating. However, ignoring the calls will not make them go away either, and you may very well make a mistake that could put you at legal or financial risk. The outcomes of attempting to avoid debt collector calls will often result in unnecessary anxiety.

As difficult as it may be to speak with a debt collector, actively avoiding contact does not alleviate the stress. Learning some rudimentary skills on what to do when you receive a collector’s call and you will see why you should not ignore a call from Zwicker and Associates.

Right Of Response On Debt

As rare as it may be, there have been cases where the debt has not been legitimate, meaning you may not owe anything at all. In cases of identity theft, where accounts or loans were opened fraudulently under your name, you may want to have the opportunity to resolve such matters.

Now if you ignore the call, you may never get the chance to dispute a debt that is under your name. Quite often, collectors may not be privy to the full information on the debt under your name.

In the event that your dispute is valid, a collector may voluntarily cease collection on the debt. This process is called debt validation and may very well save you from the debt you may not know about, debt you may have already paid off, or an amount that’s been manipulated.

Your Credit Score

By the time your debt goes into collections, there should have been a reasonable opportunity given to you to settle the debt and the payments were not made. This unfortunately negatively affects your credit score, as you are not honoring an agreement made with your creditor.

The delinquent debt will inevitably appear on your credit report. This is why you should not ignore a call from Zwicker and Associates, because you would be given a chance to work out a payment plan with a professional, although it may still dent your credit, it would be for a predetermined period of time.

Family And Friends May Be Contacted

The last thing anybody wants is their nosy friends and family in their personal business. However, when you ignore calls from Zwicker and Associates, you give leeway for your associates to be contacted. In various states, the law permits for a to contact third parties such as neighbors, relatives, or even your employer as a last resort to collect. They may not however reveal that you are indebted or discuss your finances with third parties.

The Debt Could Increase

If you have previously been ill-advised that the debt will somehow disappear by you ignoring the calls, please note the exact opposite will happen. Due to accruing interest, late fees, and penalties, your debt will undoubtedly increase in the foreseeable future and you will pay way more than the initial principal debt.

Avoid Being Sued

Should you continue to be allusive and ignore all reasonable steps to communicate with a debt collector, they are well within their rights to file a collections lawsuit against you in court. In the likely event that you are served with a lawsuit and continue to ignore court charges, the debt collectors will then be granted a default judgment against you.

In that occurrence, the debt collector can garnish your salary, claim your personal property, and collect money straight from your bank account. Zwicker & Associates are a law firm and have the ability to sue you for a debt on which you defaulted

Though it is understandable that your first instinct might be to hide from collectors but it won’t do you any good. As you can see ignoring the debt collector does not yield any good results, if anything it makes the situation worse and will not lead to a resolution. Rather bite the bullet and not ignore debt collector calls, for your sanity and credit.

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