WintekPro has introduced self-cleaning windows on Georgian Market

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The FINANCIAL — Interview with Givi Beridze, Partner at Wintekpro and CEO & Co-Founder of Edison

WintekPro is a company oriented on developing hi-tech products, such as their multi- functional self-cleaning window. Its vision is to disrupt this industry using innovative technologies. The FINANCIAL talked to Givi Beridze, the Partner at Wintekpro and CEO & Co-Founder of Edison, which is the company’s technical team.

Q. What is the technological novelty you offer? Where did the idea for it come from?

A. Have you ever seen or experienced how hard it is to clean a window? What about the windows on huge towers and tall buildings? If you do not know this industry, you can’t even begin to imagine how hard it is to clean the windows of huge buildings and how much money it costs to have such a service carried out frequently. This is the problem we have tackled. Wintekpro has created an innovative technology which will transform this industry and change the way the owners of huge buildings and even ordinary people clean their windows. By just the simple click on a controller, owners can activate our multi-functional self-cleaning windows and clean an individual room or whole building instantly.

Q. How did you create Wintekpro’s multi-functional self-cleaning window?

A. The founders of Wintekpro developed the multi-functional self-cleaning window. The electrical hardware side of this project was done by The founders of Wintekpro were in Turkey, where they developed designs of a multi-functional self-cleaning window and created molds, which are used for the manufacture of a number of these windows. After that, Wintekpro became a partner of Edison, which developed the electrical hardware side of the product. Merging these two sides, Wintekpro created a perfectly working product, which is now ready to be installed on any building.

Q. How does Wintekpro work?

A. We have developed a multi-functional self-cleaning window that has two major functions:

1. With one click, it can clean the window by spraying a special spray onto the glass and activating a mechanism which is installed on high quality material, that cleans glass perfectly.

2. It has a ventilation system as well. With one click of the controller, the owner can open ventilation and have fresh air in the room. The owner can choose different add-ons while purchasing the product, as a result different kinds of air fresheners can be installed so that one can have fresh air in the building.

Q. Where can one shop for Wintekpro’s multi-functional self-cleaning window?

A. Wintekpro’s self-cleaning windows can be purchased by contacting us on our Facebook page or by mobile phone +995 598 91 30 00.

Q. What kind of communications strategy do you have to inform customers about the product?

A. We are exhibiting our products at huge exhibitions, which are held in Pekin, Guangzhou, Baku, etc. We are showing potential customers the product itself, so they can see and experience how powerful it is and how perfectly it cleans window glass.

Q. How do you see your role in the urban development process of Tbilisi?

A. The one thing Tbilisi needs right now is innovation and technologies! These are two crucial aspects which can make Tbilisi one of the most attractive cities in the world. As time goes on, we see huge towers, new buildings being built and most of them have dirty windows 80% of the time, because the weather is unpredictable sometimes. That’s why our product is great to implement in Tbilisi. Using our technology, every building, tower and house in Tbilisi can be cleaned by just one click of a button.


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