Cheap Decorative Cosmetics a Cancer Risk

Cheap Decorative Cosmetics a Cancer Risk

Cheap Decorative Cosmetics a Cancer Risk

The FINANCIAL -- Cheap decorative cosmetics, which make up the largest share on the Georgian market, could cause health problems, according to Georgian doctors. Industry representatives advise consumers to only buy certified, well-known brand products in order to avoid developing cancer or other serious diseases of the skin.


34.7 tonnes of lip cosmetics were imported in Georgia in January-September 2013. 39.2 tonnes of eye cosmetics, 36.5 tonnes of foundation and 828.4 tonnes of other decorative cosmetics were imported in Georgia during this period, according to Geostat.

The largest amount of this import was from Poland, Turkey and China. A very small amount was from France.

Lip cosmetics made up 0.6 tonnes, eye cosmetics - 0.7 tonnes, foundations - 0.8 tonnes and other decorative cosmetics - 32 tonnes. The share of Spanish cosmetics is so small that it is not counted separately. Meanwhile the best decorative cosmetics are those produced in France and Spain.

“The decorative cosmetics that include parabens and are comedogenic are the most dangerous for the skin,” Nino Otarashvili, Dermatologist at Curatio Clinic, told The FINANCIAL. “Everyone should use cosmetics according to their age and skin type.”

“There are various cases where people come in with problems associated with having allergic reactions from using decorative cosmetics. When buying such products consumers must be assured that they are officially registered,” she added. “The best decorative cosmetics are those produced in Spain and France.”

“Sales of decorative cosmetics at Ici-Paris have increased by 5% in 2012 compared to 2011. The data for 2013 is not yet available,” said Khatia Shamugia, Marketing and PR Manager at Ici-Paris.

“The sales of decorative cosmetics at Lutecia have decreased this year by 5-7%, perhaps because of the political situation,” said Mariam Saralidze, Online Marketing Manager at Lutecia.

“We have luxe brands as well as premium brands,” she added. “The price range of the premium products is GEL 7-40. They are produced in Germany. Luxe brand prices begin from GEL 40.”

Besides decreasing sales for decorative cosmetics Lutecia has introduced MAC to the market.

“We introduced MAC to the market because we think that the market is ready for it,” Vakhtang Pkhakadze, owner of the Lutecia and Yves Rocher trade network, told The FINANCIAL. “The investments in MAC were half a million. The price range of the products is quite high, but in the profession the brand is in first place.

“Decorative cosmetics contain mixtures that add a certain brilliance to the skin. The frequent use of decorative cosmetics can have a negative effect however. People from 13-14 years are trying to conceal their skin problems with foundations,” Ia Darsavelidze, cosmetologist-dermatologist at Aesthetic Service, told The FINANCIAL.

“The problem should be eradicated in the first place by seeing a dermatologist rather than just disguised with foundation. Everyone should use natural cosmetics; they contain less toxic ingredients. The majority of decorative cosmetics on the market that are very cheap can cause various problems with a health risk for the future. They can also cause skin cancer and other diseases depending on skin type. Everyone should consult a dermatologist in the event of problems with their skin. If skin is oily people shouldn’t use a foundation. In the case of dry skin one should use cream before applying powder or liquid foundation. Everyone should use a primer before applying make-up. And no one should save money on buying natural cosmetics that are laboratory tested.” she added.

“Production that is cheap is counterfeited. I don’t recommend that anyone use these kinds of cosmetics as they can cause allergic reactions,” Nino Burjanadze, Cosmetologist told The FINANCIAL. “Everyone should have their skin type diagnosed properly and then they can identify what kind of cosmetics suit them best. Cosmetics might be very expensive and of good quality but may not suit an individual’s skin type. There are many cases of young girls not having much money and resorting to buying cheap cosmetics. When this happens the skin becomes dirty, the colour and skin structure changes. There may also be redundant hair on the face and dryness. After coming home at the end of the day everyone should wash and clean their face whether they use make-up or not.”