Most Wanted Gifts for New Year 2014

Most Wanted Gifts for New Year 2014

The FINANCIAL -- With the special New Year period rapidly approaching, The FINANCIAL decided to take a look at which children’s toys have the highest chances of ending up under the tree this year.

Transformers, iPod, iPad and the “Masha” doll, from Russian TV series “Masha and the Bear”, turn out to be the most wanted New Year gifts for more than 100 kids questioned by The FINANCIAL. The total volume of toy import has increased by over 30% this year compared with 2012. China remains the top exporter of toys to Georgia.

The total number of imported toys in Georgia amounted to 2,053.1 tonnes, worth USD 11,765,100, during the first ten months of 2013. The number was 1,480.9 tonnes, amounting to USD 8,683,200, in the same period of the previous year.

From January-October this year tricycles, pedal cars and similar types of wheeled toys, toys with installed engines together with sets of toys achieved the strongest growth, followed by dolls and toy guns.

China is the dominant exporter country for toys. Out of the total 2,053.1 tonnes of toys imported in the country, 1,479.1 tonnes came from China.

Over 30% of respondents wish for an iPod or iPad for New Year, 20% would prefer Transformers toys, 15% the Russian TV character Masha toys, and 15% a Playstation 4. The average age of the children surveyed is from 3 to 7 years.

GEL 70 is the average minimum sum that parents plan to spend on New Year gifts per child.

Puzzles have been some of the most popular gifts at the retail store Super in the run up to this New Year. “Completing a puzzle, even the most simple of puzzles, sets a single goal to be achieved. Toddlers and children must think and develop strategies on how to approach the task and achieve this goal. The process involves problem solving, reasoning skills and developing solutions which they can later transfer and incorporate into their adult lives,” said Maka Uchiashvili, mother to a 4 year old son.

According to the Georgian National Statistics Center, the import of puzzles decreased in the first ten months of 2013. It amounted to 29.1 tonnes in total, worth USD 156,400. 16.7 tonnes, worth USD 641,000, were imported from China. Only 2.9 tonnes were imported from Israel and 2.7 tonnes - from Italy. Sales of puzzles in January-October 2012 amounted to 34.6 tonnes worth USD 209,700. The major share - 22.8 tonnes, were imported from China, worth USD 123,200. 2.7 tonnes, worth USD 19,300, were imported from Italy, 2 tonnes - from Spain (worth USD 16,300), and 1.6 tonnes, worth USD 16,000 - from Germany.

Toys and models with installed engines amounted to 248.1 tonnes, worth USD 1,621,000, in 2013. The same figure for 2012 was 181.5 tonnes, worth USD 1,181,500. Sets of toys have also shown a big increase in terms of their sales figures. 224.7 tonnes, worth USD 1,325,800, were imported in 2013 compared to 144.3 tonnes, worth USD 882,000, in 2012. Pedal cars and similar wheeled toys amounted to 379.9 tonnes in 2013 and 262.4 tonnes in 2012.

The import of dolls has increased in 2013. 160.8 tonnes, worth USD 1,186,100, of dolls were imported in 2013 up from the 122 tonnes from last years’ figures. 140.1 tonnes were exported from China, 6.7 tonnes from the UAE and 6.3 tonnes from Hong Kong. 14 tonnes of trains were imported in Georgia during 2013, up from 12 tonnes from the same period of last year. 12.6 tonnes out of 14 were imported from China.

The import of toy guns amounted to 138.7 tonnes, worth USD 594,000, in 2013. The number was 100.7 tonnes, worth USD 441,900, in 2012. Mini-models made from metal totalled 11.7 tonnes in 2013, down from 13.7 tonnes in 2012. 5.6 tonnes were imported from China and 3.6 tonnes from the UAE.

In terms of musical instruments and equipment, 50.9 tonnes worth USD 302,200 were imported in 2013 and 53.7 tonnes, worth USD 326,000, were imported in 2012. Design sets in 2013 amounted to 49.6 tonnes, worth USD 533,500, and in 2012 - 56.1 tonnes, worth USD 493,000. Animal and other toy figurines made up 130.6 tonnes in 2013 and in 2012 - 74.3 tonnes. All the remaining types of toys together made up 615 tonnes in 2013 and 425.6 tonnes in 2012.

On 6 December Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia erected a special New Year Fir-Tree at Tbilisi Mall. Special wishes for refugee children have been hung on it specially. Everyone has the opportunity to make a child’s wish come true. As of 11 December, 323 wishes had already been made to come true as a result of the company’s initiative.