Olga Babluani’s Media Portrait

Olga Babluani’s Media Portrait

Olga Babluani’s Media Portrait

The FINANCIAL -- Olga Babluani, film actress, screenwriter, editor and host of popular TV show “Ra Dros Dzilia” (No Time to Sleep), is also founder of BIO International, a company which creates media projects and provides media consultancy too. As a person who could widen her horizons and talent through all directions she besets, she is actively involved in media work and here shares her thoughts, goals and desires with The FINANCIAL.

Media for me:

“Media has a great influence on everyday life and everyone knows that well. In my opinion, media is one of the most powerful weapons for the development of society. After the ‘90’s, when Georgia became independent and the TV system formed, the media was mainly used as a ‘Gladiator’s arena’ to capture power. Today, because of the fact that the advertising market has emerged, and the country is progressing and developing, a generational shift has occurred, there is a different demand for media and it requires constant development. What is important today is the need to properly determine and develop our cultural identity, merge our culture with modern trends. All my products are adapted around this idea.”

My work:

“I always had a wish to make a TV programme with a cultural-educational format. Unfortunately, there is less demand for such programmes today. Our aim was to create a show where new information could be discussed freely through inviting new people, new faces - as happens in the TV show ‘Ra Dros Dzilia’ (No Time to Sleep). The creation of IMEDI Holding and the unification of three media engines, enables you to correctly locate necessary information and products. Because IMEDI is going to be a channel laden with different programmes, TV show ‘Ra Dros Dzilia’ will broadcast on IMEDI TV from September.”

“TV programme ‘Ra Dros Dzilia’ is entirely produced by BIO International. Our purpose is to provide high quality information through the media. You can’t create long-term products without a moral and valuable axis on it, and without the excellent partners Georgian Post, TBC Bank, Silk Road Group, UNDP office in Georgia and the European Union who are trying to take part in our country’s development too.”

Media Consulting Service:

BIO International offers a media consulting system too. Nowadays, the contemporary world gathers overwhelming and boundless information. To avoid pointless wandering in an informational maze, you should catch a trend and follow correct directions down the path to it. BIO International works with companies and persons, who need knowledge about correctly positioning themselves socially. We are consulting marketers, who help organizations to find their place in the market and not get lost among all the information available out there.

A new challenge:

I’m going to work for IMEDI Holding as a Media Consultant for creative projects. It’s a new opportunity and challenge for my professional path. It’s a high responsibility for me too. This is a very new offer for me, so I would like to talk about my future plans a bit later.

“A good rating doesn’t always mean good quality. For ratings you shouldn’t agree on anything, you shouldn’t abandon journalistic ethical and moral values. First of all, you should think about the audience being protected spiritually, morally, psychologically and physically too. BIO International will always care about producing cultural and educational TV production and supporting all the projects appropriate to the company’s values and visions,” Babluani told The FINANCIAL.