New Elie Saab Scent Captures the Spirit of ‘Girl of Now’

New Elie Saab Scent Captures the Spirit of ‘Girl of Now’

New Elie Saab Scent Captures the Spirit of ‘Girl of Now’

The FINANCIAL -- Elie Saab’s newest fragrance Girl of Now, a chic, addictive and sexy scent, is now available throughout the Ici Paris network. A recent mission announced by Elie Saab is to spread awareness about the accomplishments and learnings of ambitious and driven women; empower female youth to go further, reach higher, and perhaps become the leaders of tomorrow.

Elie Saab Girl of Now is available in 30, 50 and 90 ml Eau de Parfum bottles. It was developed by perfumers Dominique Ropion and Sophie Labbé.

The leading perfumery company in Georgia, Ici Paris, continues to offer the latest scents of famous designers to Georgian fans and fashionistas. Club Nine hosted the presentation of Girl of Now last week.

Girl of Now is inspired by Insta girls, said Khatia Shamugia, Head of Marketing and PR at Ici Paris.

“Meet the perfume that goes with ‘girls of now’ everywhere, turning heads and setting off photographers’ flashes. Girl of Now is a fragrance for young, daring and successful contemporary women. Inspired by an evening clutch with an iconic enamel blue petal motif, Girl of Now is styled like a jewel, light catching and ornate with a rounded base that cradles perfectly in the hand,” Shamugia said.

“The new fragrance’s top notes are mandarin orange, pear and pistachio, with a mixture of patchouli and almond milk, bringing an element of eternity to it,” Shamugia said.

According to Shamugia, the Girl of Now bottle features a precious glass made for the most unique creations. Its perfectly round base fits snugly into the palm of the hand.

Around the neck is a flower inspired by Elie Saab’s couture minaudiere collection forming a chain of iconic pastel blue petals. The finishing touch is a gem-like golden cap sitting atop the bottle in the perfect balance.

“It’s a reverse fairytale that begins at midnight and ends with three friends walking in the early light of dawn. It’s about a night of play, paparazzi flashes and a perfume that meets their mood – see the girl of now in her element, on her own terms and with a spontaneous and audacious energy inspiring Elie Saab’s latest scent,” said an Elie Saab official.

International models Ulrikke Hoyer, Lineisy Montero and Gabby Westbrook present Elie Saab’s new scent in its commercial. From the streets of Paris to an intimate private club, follow them across town on a night to remember when what rules is now and nothing more.

“Three friends, three distinct personalities and one friendship with one perfume to capture their free spirit and friends-first attitude. They are out to own the night, their lives, laughter and style—all on their own terms,” notes the Elie Saab official website.

Girl of Now is named after the initiative #GIRLOFNOW launched by the design house, which celebrates and highlights successful women from all over the world. As women around the world put their knowledge, talents and skills to work, Elie Saab’s #GIRLOFNOW initiative is on a mission to celebrate those who have built successful stories and careers, inspiring generations of young achievers to follow in their footsteps.

During the presentation, Khatia Shamugia said that Ici Paris remains active in regard to offering the newest trends to perfume lovers in Georgia. Shamugia promised at the Girl of Now presentation that the company will soon be opening its beauty centre in a renewed location in Tbilisi.

Elie Saab is a Lebanese fashion designer. His main workshop is in Lebanon, with additional workshops in Milan and Paris. He started his business in the early 1980s and specialized in bridal couture (expensive fabrics, lace, gemstones, Swarovski crystals, pearls, detailed embroidery, crystals, etc).

Elie Saab appeared as a judge on Project Runway: Middle East in 2016. As of March 2017, his couture collections are available in Paris, London, and Beirut, while his ready-to-wear clothes are in 160 retailers and his own boutiques.

Elie Saab launched his first fragrance ‘Le Parfum’ in 2011. In its very first year Elie Saab Le Parfum scooped the coveted Fragrance Foundation (FiFi) Award for Best New Fragrance in the UK, the US and France.

The range continues to blossom: Elie Saab Le Parfum, Elie Saab L’Eau Couture, and Rose Couture, introducing flourishes of that most feminine of flowers. There is also, in selected stores, a series of numbered Essences – showcasing single ingredients including rose, gardenia, amber, oud, vetiver, tuberose and neroli, each and every light-filled fragrance created by Francis Kurkdjian.