Police Officer Arrested on Charges of Exceeding Powers

Police Officer Arrested on Charges of Exceeding Powers

The FINANCIAL -- The Prosecutor’s Office said on July 15 that an Interior Ministry officer has been arrested on charges of exceeding official powers during the dispersal of the anti-occupation rally outside the Parliament building on June 20-21.

The Prosecutor’s Office also noted that the arrested police officer has exceeded his official powers and physically assaulted a person, who was detained for committing an administrative offence.

It also explained that investigation has been launched under article 333 of the criminal code of Georgia, involving exceeding official powers and punished by imprisonment for a term of five to eight years.

Investigation into the fact of exceeding official powers by law enforcement officers during the June 20-21 protest rally was launched on June 24.

The Interior Ministry announced later that ten law enforcers, who took part in the clash on Rustaveli Avenue, were suspended from their official duties pending inquest.

Source : civil.ge