EU High Representative encourages Ukraine to continue with reforms

EU High Representative encourages Ukraine to continue with reforms

The FINANCIAL -- On 27 June, EU High Representative Federica Mogherini participated in the second Ukraine Reform Conference 'A Driver for Change', which was held in the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

Mogherini was joined by foreign ministers from the EU, G7 and NATO countries, as well as high-level representatives from Ukraine and international organisations, according to EUneighbours.

When asked, at a press conference, how the Ukrainian government could continue on the path of reforms considering the [upcoming] elections, Mogherini said that “elections are not a moment where everything is suspended”.

“Ukraine will have an electoral year next year, but there is still almost one year to go until the first election,” she added. “There is still time to put important reforms in the pipeline and implement them.”

The EU High Representative encouraged the country to continue with the reforms and “to add other good reforms to the good reforms that have already been put in place”.

“Elections are the salt of democracy,” she said. “They are the moment when we celebrate our citizens' right to choose those that are governing the country. It is not a moment to suspend public life. On the contrary, it is the highest moment of democratic public life.”

“The European Union has been there from the very beginning with a high level of political and financial support, and it will continue to be so,” she concluded.