Ukrainian police learn about modern crime scene management in EU

Ukrainian police learn about modern crime scene management in EU

The FINANCIAL -- On 8-11 July, Ukrainian inspector-criminalists visited the Netherlands and Germany to learn about best practices in crime scene management.

The visit was organised by the EU Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine, as part of its assistance to the National Police of Ukraine (NPU). It aimed to advance and improve the investigative work of the NPU’s inspector-criminalists.

The participants visited the modern police facilities in Venlo (the Netherlands), Monchengladbach and Düsseldorf (Germany), where they were given an explanation of the crime scene management techniques and tools used there.

The programme for the trip included information on how the police in the two EU countries secure forensic evidence and avoid contamination and destruction of traces at a crime scene. They visited a laboratory for dactyloscopy where fingerprints are analysed and a chemical laboratory where gunshot residues and explosive devices are tested.

Ukrainian inspector-criminalists were also given specific advice on handling serious and fatal traffic accidents. In addition, they were shown a mobile forensic laboratory, which is a van containing equipment for managing a crime scene, making it possible for police to be able to react and secure a crime scene more quickly.

The EUAM currently supports a significant training programme across the whole of Ukraine for inspector-criminalists of NPU and is also providing equipment to assist mobile forensic laboratories for the police as well as the Academy of Internal Affairs in Ukraine.