Xerox Trivor 2400 High Fusion Inkjet Press Puts Quality, Flexibility and Cost Cutting on Autopilot

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The FINANCIAL — The average book order at Mercury Print Productions of Rochester, N.Y., is less than ten units. With 200 to 300 new orders placed every day, Mercury needed a cost-effective, high-speed inkjet device that could integrate with its automated print-on-demand (POD) system and deliver greater production flexibility and high image quality on a range of paper stocks. The answer was the Xerox Trivor® 2400 High Fusion Inkjet Press with Color Hike technology.

Workflow on autopilot reduces costs

The Trivor 2400’s continuous feed and state-of-the-art technology allows Mercury to integrate its automated POD workflow (E-Merx) to stream multiple jobs one after another. A hands-off workflow stream minimizes personnel and setup costs. Mercury has also seen double digit paper savings utilizing Trivor 2400’s High Fusion Ink, which allows for direct inkjet printing on standard offset coated stock without pre or post coating.

Impressive quality with Color Hike

The Trivor 2400’s new Color Hike technology delivers quality that continues to move up the spectrum towards the offset benchmark—making inkjet even more accessible to a wider range of applications that have demanding quality standards, such as direct mail, books, catalogs and general commercial work. Trivor 2400 also gives operators the option to adjust drop size and vibrancy on a job-by-job basis to meet exact customer specifications.


For Mercury, the small footprint, easy installation and substrate flexibility of the Trivor 2400 were key factors in the decision to acquire the press. The Trivor 2400’s High Fusion Ink not only allows inkjet printing on standard offset coated stocks but also on 100 percent post-consumer waste stock, allowing Mercury further flexibility.

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