You can now pay in BTC in El Salvador, but how does it impact BTC price?

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In June, El Salvador made crypto history when Congress approved President Nayib Bukele’s proposal to legalize Bitcoin as a currency.

They will use Bitcoin alongside the U.S. dollar as legal currency. Every business should accept bitcoin as a form of payment unless they lack the technology to process the transactions.

Millions of Salvadoreans live and work outside the country, but they still send money home, contributing 20% to the country’s GDP. Transferring money can take days, and with high transaction fees, citizens and business owners welcome the move to use Bitcoin as legal currency.

How is El Salvador’s government impacted?

El Salvador’s seeking a $1 billion aid program from the International Monetary Fund, and experts feel this move to legalize bitcoin could complicate discussions with the IMF. Critics also feel this was a wrong move by President Bukele since Bitcoin is decentralized and could lead to tax evasion and possible money laundering activities.

Another worrying factor is the volatility of the Bitcoin price and the high frequency of its volatility which is not normal for a country’s currency, something that would concern any government.

How does this impact BTC’s price?

In the past, the price of Bitcoin dropped by 8% in reaction to Donald Trump’s statement that cryptocurrency is a ‘scam’, proving how volatile it is and the influence prominent global leaders’ remarks has on the market.

The passing of this law by El Salvador’s Congress seems to have been good news for the price of Bitcoin. BTC price jumped by 6% a day after the news broke, crossing $37000.

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And if other countries follow this path, it could have similar effects on the price of Bitcoin.

How to benefit from this move?

These events open opportunities for people to take advantage of trading cryptocurrencies. To do so, you need to find a broker that is compatible with the industry.

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Bottom Line

This move by El Salvador is proof that they believe there is a future in cryptocurrencies and that it has many benefits to the broader public. Traders can take advantage of the opportunities created in the market by joining a broker like Star Capital to advance their trading skills. Star Capital has the vision to allow everyone to trade. This is evident in the benefits they offer, making them a reliable broker to start your crypto trading journey.

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