The FINANCIAL - Welcome to Georgia!

Welcome to Georgia!

Welcome to Georgia!

The FINANCIAL -- Fady Asly, President of ICC Georgia

I cannot speak enough about the magnificence of Georgia, a country one simply must experience in person to understand what I mean. The beauty of Georgia does not just lie in its breathtaking landscapes and urban lifestyle but in the charm that the country bewitches its visitors with. You can get used to the beauty but under no circumstances can you get enough of the charm. The pleasure I get when walking for hours down the adventurous streets of downtown Tbilisi, makes me wake up every day with the same sense of thrill I had when I first arrived.

Anyone who comes to Georgia immediately falls in love with the country, just like the old fairy tales about love at first sight. I assure you, after a single visit your amazement will be so off the charts, your appreciation will be so generous, and your feeling of belonging so familiar that the arrival will mark the beginning of your experience of Georgia.

Michael Cowgill ,President of American Chamber of Commerce

On behalf of the American Chamber of Commerce, we would like to encourage everyone to come to Georgia. Please do your homework before doing so though. There are a lot of publications about this magnificent country, much of which you can even see at The FINANCIAL and However, once you read up on it, you will realise that you simply have to come to Georgia, you cannot get enough of an idea of how truly vibrant, dynamic and entrepreneurial the place can be. You will encounter a lot of energetic people in a country with a culture such as this one which counts millennia, has such delicious cuisine, the oldest tradition of winemaking, as well as such spectacular landscapes. You just have to come to Georgia because I guarantee that you will enjoy visiting a country that always welcomes you.

Felicio Ferraz, General Manager, British American Tobacco, Caucasus

My experience of having lived and worked in Georgia for more than 2 years with my family has shown me how exceptionally inviting and welcoming this country can be.

Georgia has appeared as not only a fantastic place for conducting business but also a breathtaking destination for all those who appreciate travelling to adventurous places, which is also a huge interest of mine. A country uniting fantastic mountains and landscapes, twisting rivers and mysterious lakes, enticing forests and the legendary Black Sea, accompanied with culture counting millennia, encourages, invites and awaits your experience of Georgia.

Cameron McNeillie, General Manager at Tbilisi Marriott, Courtyard by Marriott, Moxy Hotels

For more than two years I have been residing in Georgia and leading the branch of British American Tobacco as its head. I more than encourage you to experience this magnificent Eastern European country, which unites both modern and traditional culture. As the birthplace of winemaking, the country’s unique heritage is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime. Georgia’s phenomenal cuisine, the likes of which include Khachapuri, Khinkali, Satsivi and much more, distributed across individually characterised regions, entice one to join the country’s legendary Georgian feasts.
Magnificent coastlines and beaches, world-class skiing resorts, adventure-filled destinations, and ancient architectural sights representing the heritage of countless centuries await. On the country’s behalf, we welcome you to Georgia!

Kristina Doros, Head of Visa International in the Caucasus

As the General Manager for Visa in the Caucasus region, on behalf of my company I’d like to welcome you to this country. I am glad to be sharing exciting news about the development of technology in Georgia. Over the 25 years of Visa’s operations in Georgia, the country has been open to many innovations. Since 2009 when we first introduced contactless transactions, Georgia has become the second market in the world for the most contactless transaction penetration, meaning that 9 out of every 10 domestic transactions have become contactless.

In addition, collaborating with Apple Pay, we have enabled every user to use their Wallet app to their advantage. Welcoming visitors in Georgia, Visa is happy to offer visitors discounts in hotels, at tourist sights, restaurants and many more places.

Therefore we are looking forward to welcoming your arrival to beautiful Georgia.



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