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Ferrero Unveils First-Ever Ferrero Rocher and Raffaello Ice Creams

4 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Ferrero, unveiled its first-ever Ferrero Rocher, Ferrero Rocher Dark and Raffaello ice cream sticks, aiming to create a new Ice Cream dimension in the market by building on its powerful confectionery brands into the ice cream category. The products will start being available in five countries across Europe in early 2021.…

Ferrero Continues to Scale Cocoa Sustainability Programme

7 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Ferrero, continues to drive forward and scale its cocoa sustainability efforts as part of the Ferrero Farming Values Cocoa Programme. After achieving its goal of sourcing 100% sustainable cocoa via independently managed standards at the end of 2020, Ferrero continues to work to ensure full visibility and traceability of its cocoa across…

Ferrero Commits to 100 Percent Satellite Monitoring of Its Palm Oil Supply Chain

4 mins read

The FINANCIAL -- Ferrero has committed to using the Starling satellite monitoring and verification service across all of its palm oil sourcing areas. Operated by Earthworm Foundation and Airbus, Starling uses a combination of satellite imagery and on-the-ground expertise to monitor land cover change and forest cover disturbance in near real time. According to Ferrero, by…

Georgian apple export increased by 375% while hazelnut export rose by 74%

4 mins read

The FINANCIAL — Hazelnut export exceeded last year’s export for the same period and totaled 4,466 tonnes. The top 3 countries where Georgia exported hazelnuts were Germany, Italy and Czechia. Also, 1,054 tonnes of apples have been exported from Georgia which is 375% more compared to the same period of last year. Georgia expects to harvest 50 000…